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From where to listen the recorded messages?



We have a network which consists of CUCM, UCCX, AQM, CUC. During after hours, if someone calls, the IVR will ask to press * to record a message. But from where shall we listen to these recorded messages?


Thanks in advance


That wouldn't be enough

That wouldn't be enough information to answer your question.

Are you an administrator of the phone system or a supervisor?

All of those products are capable of recording a phone call, but since you mentioned the IVR, it's like narrowed down to UCCX and/or AQM.

UCCX is playing the IVR for sure, and cannot record the call in the IVR, only once it lands on the Agent, which really just leaves AQM.  But I'm guessing here, based on limited information.

If you also agree that it's AQM that is doing the recordings, which I'm not even positive it can record a call at the IVR level, then you would need to access the web interface for AQM to listen to the recordings.

If you post your IVR script from UCCX, we could see what is happening after the user presses *.  Such as sending an HTTP POST to AQM or the like.

Anthony Holloway

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