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Future of CUPC client

I have noticed that Cisco is still putting out updates to the CUPC client.  Most currently the 8.6.2 release.  With Jabber being released, what is the plan for CUPC going forward?  Will it continue to be developed or will it EOL as Jabber moves forward?

We have noticed that Jabber is missing some features that are not supported in Jabber.  I guess I would like to know if I need to start priming my users for the changes in features that Jabber will introduce if we are forced to migrate to it.

CUCM: 8.0.3

CUPC: 8.6.2


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Future of CUPC client

CUPC will be Jabber!

You re not forced the two clients can operate with some limitations for example, you cannot use file sharing, video sharing and other features.

Take a look on this link:

Jabber have some limitations too, take a look the release notes of last version:

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Leonardo Santana

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Future of CUPC client

So when will Cisco stop upgrading/supporting CUPC?

Future of CUPC client

From version 9 is Jabber.

I think soon Cisco will notify about the end-of-life of this product, for example CUPC is already in end-of-life.

But CUPC 8.X will take a little more time.

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Leonardo Santana

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