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New Member

FXO disconnect problem

I have red most of the threads and some cisco docs to clear this out. but didn't help.

Phone 1 - PSTN - CMEFXO - Operator. when phone 1 calls office and cut the call before operator answer, the operator phone is continuously ringing.

I tried Battery reversal, answer and disconnect supervision. no luck.

Can anybody tell me what the exact problem is ? Is it a answer supervision or disconnect supervision?

Is there any thing to do with service provider ? ask them to enable some thing ?

If phone is connected to those CO line, it stop ringing when the caller cut the line. ie, signaling is happening between switch and phone.


Re: FXO disconnect problem

Yes, this is a disconnect supervision problem.

It's possible your provider isn't sending it correctly or that you're too far away from the CO for the voltage to be detected. For most of our VIC cards the distance is 15,000 feet.

You can try this: change the plar statement to an IP phone. Pick up the call on the IP phone, and then hang up on the PSTN side. Is the IP phone still connected? This is a supervisory disconnect problem. If your provider starts sending you tones, then you may need to configure a custome cptone.



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