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G711 LAN/ G729 WAN


we have two locations, head office and one remote site (MGCP and SRST). id like for both sites to use G711 locally, but when using the WAN to utilize g729. we also have UNITY and IPCC as well (G711).

i think i read somewhere that this wouldnt be an issue but was just wondering before i make the move.

do i just specific the regions and set the codec? since the remote router is MGCP do i specify g729 package?


Re: G711 LAN/ G729 WAN

Yes, you should be able to do this without any problem. The region settings should be able to take care of this requirement. for MGCP, you dont need to do anything different, the Region settings would take care of what codec would be used by the Gateway.

Unity, it has an inbuilt transcoder which can convert the call from G711/G729 to the recording format, so that would also not be impacted.

IPCC, this is only place you will have to watch out, If a G729 calls is made to the IPCC, you would need an external transcoder which can convert the G729 streams to G711 before the call hits IPCC


Re: G711 LAN/ G729 WAN

thanks. ill pay attention to the contact centre

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Re: G711 LAN/ G729 WAN

Isn't there a way to set it up on the gateway so if its going to a certain extension it can transcode it to 711..

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Re: G711 LAN/ G729 WAN

Actually what you can do is create a new Trunk Pattern at the remote site for the extension they dial to get into IPCC and then create a new dial pattern and Device Pool and in the Device Pool create a new Region that uses the G711 codec. Then also create a new Location if you dont already have a Location setup for them.

Someone correct me if im wrong. But i believe this will work.

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