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General question about Unified Messaging installation

I come from mainly a tradtional telephony background. We're starting to more and more migrate into an IP telephony solution for the whole company. It would seem that way anyway ;) We have an Avaya modular messaging system in one of our large offices that is integrated with the exchange server for that location. The question that keeps popping up (and we're trying to get our Cisco rep to help answer it) is can we install a Call Manager and Unified Messaging Unity as well? a different office on a different exchange server? Don't quiz me too much on the email situation and what our layout is because that's not my specialty ;) I'm sure we'll be getting the email team and the telecom folks together to go over this, but until we do...what's your thoughts? I guess I don't fully understand what happens when you install a Cisco unified messaging solution. I do know there was an active directory schema change made to accomodate the Avaya unified messaging...and that's one of the things I wonder about. When I log onto the server out there and look at a user in active directory, there's a new modular messaging tab for voice mail that's been added...along with the usual general information, profile, address (etc, etc) tabs. We were wondering if this would cause a problem if we installed a Cisco of course we don't know what the Cisco solution installation entails.

I'm basically looking for general info...high level "this ties in with that" sort of information. Hopefully I've been sufficiently vague and confusing for everyone :) Like I said, I know we need to get more information from our email admins, cisco and others...but maybe you can answer a few of my questions anyway. Thanks

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Re: General question about Unified Messaging installation

First, deploying Unity and Avaya in the same network shouldn't cause a problem - it didn't when we tested this internally, however that was a while ago. Unity does not add any administration extensions into ADUC (i.e. the tab you see show up with Avaya) - we went down that road briefly early in the AD days but it caused more problems than it solved with security and peformance.

You should probably start with this white paper:

it details the extensions made to AD objects that Unity requires - you can compare this with Avaya's corresponding doc and make sure there's no overlap.

If you want to go deeper, check out the "Unity Architecture Overview" paper on the documents page here:

That may answer some general questiosn about how it works in your setup.


Re: General question about Unified Messaging installation

Thanks, this helps :)

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