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Global greeting for unity subscribers

Hey All,

I'm in the process of trying to create a global greeting for all subscribers to have as the message played to callers about to leave voicemails.

I have a wav file that goes something like "Hello you have called company XYZ, this extenion is busy please hold to leave a message", my goal is try have this set for all 150+ subscribers without manually uploading this file as a recorded name for each user.

I'm running Cisco Unity 4.2. (on box)

Cisco Employee

Re: Global greeting for unity subscribers

If you’re using Connection 7.x you could get close to this without too much effort using the “route from next” functionality.  You’d create a routing rule for all forwarded calls that would send it to a call handler that plays a greeting “Hello, you have called company XYZ” and that have an after greeting action of “route from next” – which would then process the call as normal with the next routing rule – by default the “attempt forward to greeting” which would then find the forwarding number and go to that subscriber’s greeting.  If it was set to system it’d sound something like “The user you are trying to reach is on the phone or not available…”

This would provide about the same message you want with the creation of a single routing rule and call handler – all forwarded calls coming into the system would hear that first “hello, you’ve called company xyz” so if it was forwarding from a non subscribers phone and going to the opening greeting you’d want to take that into account and not repeat it for that greeting – but other than that it’s pretty straight forward.  Direct calls into the system wouldn’t hear that so folks calling into check messages would behave as normal.

Community Member

Re: Global greeting for unity subscribers

Thanks for your reply lindborg,

I was able to solve this one by uploading the wav file as the standard greeting for the standard user template.

I also found another very helpful tool to do this. The Bulk Edit tool. This tool allowed me to only change the standard greeting for all subscribers without changing any other details.

Thanks again. Hope this helps others!



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