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GlobalSubscriber Table errors

I have 3 networked Unity servers withing the same Domain and I have been experiencing errors in the GlobalSubscriber table. When a subscriber is deleted from one server the account is not removed from the networked servers GlobalSubscriber table.

Cisco Employee

Re: GlobalSubscriber Table errors

When you say deleted, do you mean deleted from AD or just deleted from Unity?

If you're deleting from AD and it's not picking up the change then after chatting with the permissions folks, this is likely an issue where the directory facing account does not have access to see deleted items in AD - this is how the other Unity server's "trigger" on a deletion and it knows to remove the user from the global table. Recent versions of Permissions Wizard does give this right automatically - you didn't indicate your Unity version so I don't know where you're at - but if this is your problem you may just want to get get an updated version of PW off and try that. You can also use ADSIEdit to add the read and list permissions by hand. They need to be applied to the Deleted Items containers in every domain.

If you're talking about just removing Unity properties on an AD object and the other Unity servers aren't picking it up, then this is a different class of problem entirely.

New Member

Re: GlobalSubscriber Table errors

I have noticed the problem when the subscriber has been deleted from Unity but still have an AD account.

We recently upgraded the three sets of Unity servers from 4.0.4 to 4.0.5 and ran the newest PW during the upgrade.

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