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Granting SA WEB access

I want to restrict the administrator use and wanna create 3 subscriber account who can do some sort of admin level tasks. I have created three users test1 , test2, test3 in domain. Need some help to grant the access to SA WEB page.


Re: Granting SA WEB access

Hi -

Since these users are already Unity subscribers, you can place them into a Class of Service that includes whatever admin rights/tasks you want to grant.

1. In your Unity SA, go to Subscribers - Class of Service.

2. Create a new Class of Service based on the Default Administrator.

3. Edit the System Access screen as you desire. For example, we have a Help Desk COS that just allows these subscribers to change passwords for users. We have another for Unity admins that only Import/Delete users but do not have authority to change call handlers, schedules, etc.

4. Then bring up the subscriber account of one of your users.

5. In the Class of Service field on the subscriber's profile page, click the down arrow and select the new COS you just created. Save.

6. When the subscriber now goes to the SA Web page, they will see the links on the left side they have been granted access to.


New Member

Re: Granting SA WEB access

I have used the same process but still the subscribers are not able to login into the web/sa page. It gives the message that you don't have access to login at this page.

Does I am missing something ?


Re: Granting SA WEB access

Hi -

You might check out this SA troubleshooting document and look at the SA authentication methods -

We are using Windows Integrated Authentication. If your Unity Admins are logging onto PC using a different userid than their Unity enabled account, you are going to have to use the GrantUnityAccess utility instead. Here is a link to that -

In the case of the grantunityaccess utility, you can create one Unity subscriber that has the class of service you need for administration, and then associate each of your admins, thru this utility, with the subscriber you created for admin access.


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