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Greeting question

I'm setting up Greetings for a customer and they would like their customers to be able to dial an extension at anytime during the greeting and have the phone the dialed extension belongs to ring. When they try to do this now, the caller is routed straight to the extensions voice mail box.




Re: Greeting question

You need to change the transfer settings in the Subscriber Profile.

You can do this by pulling up one subscriber to test.

Click on Transfer

Select Ring subscriber at xxxx fill in the extension.

If it works how you want, do a Bulk Edit for all users

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Re: Greeting question

I made the changes to the subscriber you talked about in your first post. This is what I need. The only thing now is I can't see how to make these bulk changes using the Bulk Edit tool. I tested with one users and checked the box that says Ring subscriber at their extension (or something like that), but the Bulk Edit took nerver changed the user settings.




Re: Greeting question

Are you using the latest version of the Bulk Edit tool? 4.0.88 - 6/19/2006

Re: Greeting question

So if you enter Bulk Edit

Select your Subscribers

Click on Transfer

Set Transfer to "True"

check mark the box Set transfer to subscriber extension.

it should pull the extension out of the subscriber profile and fill it in the box for you.

Re: Greeting question


Tommer is right but doing this might break your Transfer to voicemail if you have set this up where users dial a CTI to VM Open Greeting and dial users VM number to transfer. If you make the change then this method above will then have the users extension rung instead of going right to greeting. I have seen this deployed like this a couple of times.

Now since the AA greeting is required to dial an extension direct and ring, still set that up like Tommer said but here is a link for a preferred transfer to VM if you need it. Additionally changing the transfer settings to the extension allows for Live Reply to function correctly.

I know this wasn't your main question but I've had customers change one thing to add something and wound up breaking another so I thought I would give the FYI.

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Re: Greeting question

It shouldnt break the CTI to VM. Basically what you are doing is this with the CTI.

Unity has control of the call and is Unity. If some hits option 1 to transfer to a CTI device, now callmanager has this call. In the example, the CTI routes it back to Unity vm, so now Unity has the call. At no point would this break the the CTI.

In my example, Unity has the call, then attempts a transfer to the extension. Unity releases the call, gives it CallManager. Now CallManager has this call and looks at as if we were a normal call directly to the phone. Rule says, ring 4 times, then roll back to Unity. Now Unity has this new call that came from CallManager.

I think it would break your CTI IF you were using a supervised transfer. In supervised transfers, Unity monitors the entire call.

I have mine configured for transfer to voicemail as follows:

Admin has a call for the boss

boss is not available

caller would like voicemail

Admin press the transfer key *xxxx and hangs up.

option 2 (longer but works)

Same scenario

Admin presses the transfer key

message button

# (backs out of sub sign in)

Unity opening greeting plays

dial xxxx then #2

hang up.

I think there are multiple ways of doing this, just like Fred said... if you fix one way, there is a possibilty of breaking something else unfortunatly.

The problem that we have is that we have a centralized unity deployment. Multiply sites connect to Unity. So we can use the 4 digit extension as the mailbox because of overlap. So we use the 3 digit site code +extension. So trying to configure Greetings and explain how to transfer to voicemail is a bit confusing at times.

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