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I would like to setup a greeting for when someone calls in that will put the call on hold with a message stating "please wait for the next available.....". Has anyone set something up that is similar and if so how did you do it?

We are running Call Manager 7 and Unity 7



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Re: Greeting


Sounds like you want to queue the caller in some way.  There are a couple of options.

CCX (Contact Center Express)

Separate product altogether.  You would use this product for call center agents.  It will queue callers, play prompts, host IVR menus, etc.  It allows priority queuing, skills-based routing, etc. etc.   Based on your brief description this may be overkill.  But if there are requirements you haven't communicated in the original post, it may become the only or most viable solution.

Unity/CUCM Option

You could redirect a number from the CUCM system to the Unity system.  I like to use a CTI Route Point (as a dummy device) that has a line DN equal to the number you want to reroute for (e.g. 7035551000).  I configure this line to Call Forward All to Unity.

On Unity you can then create a call handler, routing rule, dummy mailbox, etc. to handle the call.  The key point is that you want to play a prompt (from Unity) and then do a transfer back to the CUCM system.  You want the transfer to be a supervised transfer (most likely).  Most importantly, you will need to pay attention to the "call forward no answer" time out you have set on either the Phones you are sending the call to or the Hunt List you are using.

Meaning, if you want the caller to hear music while you are ringing phones forever and a day then you need to make sure that those phones or hunt list/line group arrangement is setup in such a way that the call doesn't get transferred back to VM.  Because, while the caller is hearing pleasant music the target phones are ringing like crazy.

Attendant Console:

CUCM 7x has an Attendant Console application built-in.  Cisco has had this application in their product since 3.1.  In release 4.1 (I may be fuzzy on this) they added a basic queuing feature to the application.  You could possibly leverage this to your advantage.  Now, you do not need to load the Attendant Console application on PCs in your environment.  Just like many of the Cisco client/server-based features the connection is loose and the server-side can run/be used independantly of the client side.  This is true for AC hunt pilots.  You can build out a bunch of these and never install the AC client on a single computer.   Instead of going into all of the ins-and-outs here, I will point you to a blog I wrote on using the Attendant Console to provide a basic "queuing" feature.  Keep in mind that you still need to follow the rules with regards to assigning "shared line" appearances and leverage the "ac" user device associations, etc.   If you are already familiar with AC then you know what I mean.  If not, then you may want to do a read through of the CUCM Features and Services Guide (Chapter 11).

Anyway, the link for the blog I wrote on this topic:

Take a look at the above link and the other options.  If things aren't clear then we'll need more specifics on your particular requirements before we can provide specific guidance.

[EDIT: To play the greeting "Please wait while..." that you referred to.  You can do this natively in option 1 and option 2.  For option 3, you may need to leverage Unity to play a greeting and then transfer to AC  OR you can create a custom MoH file with that greeting, followed by music.]



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