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Greetings Administrator Unity 4.2.1

Does a subscriber have to be homed on the same Unity Server as the call handler you want to have access to for Greetings Admin capability or do they just need to be part of the dialing domain or DL in AD that is the owner of the call handler? My subsriber account is on server A but I need to be able to change greetings on every unity server in the dialing domain. I am a member of the admin DL in AD that is assigned ownership to all Opening Greetings however when I access the greetings admin on each server, and it prompts for my user ID and password, it transfers me back to my home server, and does not work as I would expect. Am I doing something wrong here? I thought as long as you were a member of a DL that owned a call handler, you could change the greeting over the phone?

Cisco Employee

Re: Greetings Administrator Unity 4.2.1

You have to authenticate via the phone interface and those credentials (i.e. the phone password hash and seed) do not replicate around the network - so you can only change call handler greetings via the greetings administator conversation on servers that you have an account you can log in via the TUI on.

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