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Gripe to Unity Tools update Bulk Edit (Jeff)

4.0.92 - 9/15/2006

This version, you guys took something away that was very important.. lucky I had a backup copy.

With Bulk Edit, you could change Switch Associations for select users. With this new version, you cant! It's grayed out, which is horrible.

So here is my scenario on why you should have left this option in the new version.

I have a dual switch setup. Some on PIMG, some on CCM while we do our conversion. As we move people over, we sort them in Bulk Edit by Extension and slide the column the left for easy viewing. WE then deSelect all, and only select the subscribers we want to change the switch association to that night or week. We also change their mailbox number from a 4 digit to a 7 digit, which is nice in the "digits to the left add" etc. So the new version, in the help file, it says to use the UTIM.. which when you open it up, it goes by Alias, which is really bad. You can't sort by anything in that box, so I'm not sure who would use it unless you plan on converting everyone on that Unity server at one time.

So please, but the Switch Association back into Bulk Edit. Also, after updates are done, let us "go back to previous" screen so we can do a couple more updates. Staring at 1000 subscribers, picking 200 from the bunch, then doing an edit, then having to go back again to the same list 2 or 3 times for other edits, selecting the same 200 again...... it would be nice to do an edit, save the list or "go back"

Thanks for the updated tool, but pretty please, put this back in for the next release.

Thanks Jeff and Crew!!


Cisco Employee

Re: Gripe to Unity Tools update Bulk Edit (Jeff)

I was asked to take that option out for recent versions of Unity 4.x because of the multiple switch integrations offered that require device reassignment via UTIM. UTIM offers more flexibility and the QA folks did not want two seperate test scenarios for this. I left the option as valid for older versions of Unity that only offered single or dual switch but for newer versions that offer up to 10 integrations it's gray.

I understand you like it, but I like my job...

Re: Gripe to Unity Tools update Bulk Edit (Jeff)

I hear ya. Jobs are good.

So how about a happy medium. How about in the UTIM, they re-sort the columns out better. Sort by Extension, or switch associations. It seems like in the UTIM, it's only by Alias and that's all you can do. It's hard to match up subscribers by Alias when Admins associate subscribers by Extensions.

For instance, in a large deployment, I will have 2000 subscribers. 7digit extensions.

I know by looking at the extension which site it is for:

888xxxx Site A

444xxxx Site B

So when I sort, I can see the "group" then change their association, or something of that nature.

Thanks Jeff, no worries... Is there a formal process for this? (I think there, but can't remember)

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