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GS table not updating

Two Unity Servers version 4.21. Digital networking is configured. Global subscriber table on one Unity server not updating with subscriber info from other Server. Ran Dbwalker, Re-ran permissions wizard on both servers. Reset Default Configuration objects on Unity server that is not updating the GS table. Ran a total resync. Stopped and started Unity. All Reg settings and parameters are set for search scopes ISM, Directory handlers, ect.. Both servers can see each other. GLobal Locations table updated with new Dialing Domain name.


Re: GS table not updating

You have to setup the Exchange routing correctly between the sites. Basically, if you do not have the two exchange servers setup in the Exchange Org correctly, you may not be getting updates from each side.

Sounds like you are are on Voicemail only.

Log into http://mail.exchangeserver/exchange

Login in as UnityMsgStrSvc

You should get the Administrator account or whatever. Open up the Address book, can you see the other Exchange users on Server B? If you can not, then Exchange is not sharing, which is the problem.

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