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New Member

H.323 PSTN gateway problem.

Thank to this forum for always sorting me out.

I ran into some problem while doing some implementation:

This is my set-up am having:

IP phone - ccm(ver 6.0)-H.323 PSTN gateway.

Calls to and from the IP phones are not successful.

If i dial the number i see the FXO cards lighting up.

These are the configs of the FXO ports:

voice-port 0/3/0

cptone FR

timeouts interdigit 4

timeouts call-disconnect 2

timeouts ringing 10

timeouts wait-release 2

connection plar opx 40100

impedance complex2

I have chosen to put it on a 'flat'desing on the callmanager-all the phones and including the gateway are on one partition and calling search space:

I have configured the route-pattern,route-list,route-groups accordingly according.

If i take the same router with cisco callmanager express then it is okay,i can make and receive calls ok.

I dont know-i have checked through the callmanager configurations a number of times and it all seems okay.

Has someone had such a problem before?how did it get resolved?

Please help.

New Member

Re: H.323 PSTN gateway problem.

Hello just to add on the above,

am receiving PSTN calls ok,the problem is when dialing to the PSTN all i am getting is dooooh... sound.

This is after tonnes of troubleshooting.

what could be causing this?

Re: H.323 PSTN gateway problem.

You will want to check to make sure that the number is actually getting to the gateway when you call from CCM.

You can do this with 'show call active voice brief' and 'show voice call summary'.

Seeing the states that the voice port is in when this is happening in 'show voice call summary' can be helpful in determining what the problem is. If it shows S_CONNECT that usually means it's connected normally and the provider is playing audio.

New Member

Re: H.323 PSTN gateway problem.

Please find the output of both commands attached,

Please notice the change of codec from g711u to g729,should this be the case considering that this is a call to the PSTN.

The doooooh.... sound is still persistent.

I appreciate your help.

Re: H.323 PSTN gateway problem.

What's the dial peer look like for this port?

What we see in these commands is that the other end is sending us dial tone. It looks as if we're not sending any digits.

You should note that on pots dial peers, any digit that is explicitly match will not be sent over the port.

You can use wildcards to match, or 'forward-digits [num] [all]' to control how many digits you're sending over the link.

My guess is that you're explicitly matching a pattern which means we don't send any digits. Then, the other end plays dial tone.

New Member

Re: H.323 PSTN gateway problem.

HI NIcolas

Did you solve you Problem?

I am having the same , but in my case the call can be done but the called party cant hear me

With the Callmanager express ist all OK

New Member

Re: H.323 PSTN gateway problem.


At that time it worked,i was actually missing some configurations both on the callmanager and the voice gateway.

I ran into some problem which remains unresolved to date.

Please refer to this conversation:


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