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Help! ... 2-digit user extension

Unity 4.0.5, integrated with CallManager 4.2.1 ... client wants 2-digit extensions both on the IP Phone (no problem) AND in Unity (problem) ... this is so they can search for and add users by their old two-digit extension scheme when creating a VM from their celphones ... is there a trigger in Unity that will allow this? I've searched through CCO and the Advanced Settings tool, to no avail ... help!


Re: Help! ... 2-digit user extension

Pull up a subcriber profile in Unity and click Alternate Extension

Fill in the 2 digit number you want and test.

Your description is a little confussing, but try the alt extension and see if you works for you.

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Re: Help! ... 2-digit user extension

If not, you could probably get it to work using PLAR translation patterns with the null DN to like a 2xx or vise versa, using VM partitions. I have seen more detailed steps of this process posted in the forum though.

Cisco Employee

Re: Help! ... 2-digit user extension

The registry key for forcing Unity to allow 2 digit extensions is still in there, although it's not exposed in the advanced settings tool any longer. There were numerous problems with digital/analog networking caused by 2 digit extension legnths on locations and/or subscribers that caused us to pull out official support for them. However if you're not using digital networking of any king (Bridge, AMIS, VPIM....) then you can still set this and the SA will still respect it.

You'll find it in HKLM\Software\Active Voice\Doh\1.0\

the key name is "Minimum Handler AVP_DTMF_ACCESS_ID Length" - by default it's 3. If you set it to 2 then the SA will allow you to assign a 2 digit extension number for subscribers and all application call handlers.

Just be aware if any kind of networking is involved you may be setting yourself up for trouble.

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