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Help on MeetingPlace Express 2.0 installation

I bought a HP DL380 G4 server and would like to install MPE 2.0 for testing. From Cisco, this platform should be supported but when I try to install MPE...I got the error message INVALID Platform. See link:

Is there anything I have to do before installing MPE?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Re: Help on MeetingPlace Express 2.0 installation

Hi -

The Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express installer checks for the presence of the DVD-ROM drive, sufficient hard drive and memory sizes, and sufficient CPU type and speed. Here is a better doc to check - Your doc is also referenced, do you have the existing part numbers that match those for the DL380G4? Also make sure you have two network interface cards as one is required for eth0 and the other for eth1.


New Member

Re: Help on MeetingPlace Express 2.0 installation

Thanks for your response. My DL380G4 has DVD-ROM drive, Dual Processors Xeon 3.4Ghz, 4 HDs (146Gb each, RAID 5 configured), two NICs. For RAM, I have 2G instead of 4G mentioned in the Doc.

The installation aborted as INVALID PLATFORM maybe because of RAM on the DL380G4

However, I also have an older DL320 which met and even exceed the hardware requirements but the installation still aborted.

I'm looking for another 2G or RAM so that I'll meet all the specs but I'm not so sure the installation will go through.

Any other suggestions will much appreciated.


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