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Help, what do I need?

I have a unique need. I have a Windows server running software that requires dozens of modems to make many phone calls every hour. Managing all these modems has become difficult, as the number keeps expanding. I've been told that the Cisco AS5350XM is a "high density modem" solution, that would allow me to replace all my modems with this one device. I've been unable to ascertain whether that information is in fact true from the documentation I've been able to find online. Can somebody help me with this question, please? Email is preferred over a phone call. Thanks.


Re: Help, what do I need?

Well, it depends what you are trying to do. The server you are using must be running some kind of application that uses these modems. You must first define the application and how it uses it. Does the software intiate the modem line, dial a number, then dump some data, then hang up?

If your application making these calls, could use SIP, your app make a SIP call to the AS5350XM, this is then hooked up a couple T1 lines to the PSTN. You will need to have CCM do call control and manage this gateway.

This is not a gateway to windows server solution, call control and call processing must take place, and CCM does this.

You could, if your software allows this, install a Dialogic boards. Dialogic makes 12 port and T1 port card. Your software would see (12) modems install on one card, or a T1 card as a modem. (big 23 port modem) It's a PCI card, so that may work, but it's unclear of what you are trying to do with the software that needs the modems for dialing.

good luck

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Re: Help, what do I need?

You're right, my appologies, I should clarify. The application on the Windows server (admittedly archaic) initiates the dialing of these modems. I believe it needs to see COMM port mappings if I'm not mistaken. I may or may not be able to work around that. Once the app initiates the dialing, it retrieves data and sends it to a database. I'm not familiar with CCM. Is it software?

The Dialogic board witht he T1 port card sounds intriguing. If it sees the single T1 card as a single modem, I wonder if my software will be able to make 23 calls simultaneously, or if I would need additional software to split up the channels virtually?


Re: Help, what do I need?

You can check with Diaglic, but it may see the 23 ports as Comm ports. I have only used one in Unity for connecting to a legacy pbx.

The only other way I can think is that if you can find some software that convert a comm port into a SIP port. Basically, your software things you have COMM 1, COMM2, etc but they are directed to a SIP end point that intiates the call. Then you could have SIP gateway connected to whatever you want.

I could be dreaming as well, not sure that kind of software is available.

good luck!

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