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We are adding exchane 2007 to our enviroment from 2003. A support person "partnered" the 2007 server with unity...we did NOT move any users as of yet but it now seems that it created duplicate accounts all over, and users are not recieving messages in outlook, they are via the tui.......has anyone ever ran into this........we see two accounts in the mailstores...any thoughts please

Cisco Employee

Re: HELP!!!!!!

First, update your subject from HELP to something descriptive or HELP and then what it is that you need help with. It might get the attention is really needs. Either way, you need to get this to TAC asap. This has happened before and will need more help then this forum will currently provide.


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Re: HELP!!!!!!

help works for me, Thanks waiting for tac involment.............but since i have not dealt with you before. I do find some of the others out here as well versed and faster that waiting on Tac...but thanks for your advice

Cisco Employee

Re: HELP!!!!!!

just an aside - descriptive subjects are critical and "Help" may work for you but it will be ignored by many of the folks you most want to see your post.  If you can't be bothered to put anything to indicate at least the general area of your concern then a lot of folks wont be bothered to dig into your post. 

Most of us have RSS feeds and/or mail alerts for numerous forums of which this is just one - I get subject lines that scroll by from, say, a dozen forus from all over.  If one goes by that's in my wheel-house I'll pop it open and see if I can help.  The vast majority of others are outside my area - typical, we all specialize and folks post about a wide spectrum of issue.  If a non descriptive subject line goes by (for instance "Help" - everyone posting here wants help of some sort after all) 9 times out of 10 I'll just delete it and move on - it takes time to click on the link, log in, review your post - time I normally am not willing to burn.

so... if you want help, it's best to put at least some key words in your subject.  Or if you just want to shout into the wind, I guess that's up to you...

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Re: HELP!!!!!!

thank you also, figured help, under UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS APPLICATIO

NS,might work...but hey maybe not..

Cisco Employee

Re: HELP!!!!!!

Really?  Wow... spend a few minutes reviewing posts on this forum for the last several days - how many categories of issues from media to licensing

to networking to interfaces with external systems via LDAP to database to migrations to upgrades to hardware platforms etc... etc... etc... you can't possibly be serious with this attitude.

my bad for trying to explain how many of us monitor these forums - moving on.

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Re: HELP!!!!!!

+5 for trying Jeff - that is 10 minutes of your life you aren't getting back though :-)


Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!
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Re: HELP!!!!!!

Thanks to all.

Some of us who are not as "specialized" and have links to many forums use help as a discription to ask for just that. trust me being new to the cisco voip world i would like nothing better than not have to ask for help, . but i have in the past and have gotten help. but jeff thanks for your advice...

TAC is in.  seems to be a known problem.

Cisco Employee

Re: HELP!!!!!!

Regardless of the back and forth here (not that I disagree with  Lindborg), I thought I would do some digging as I stated, we have seen  this before. Granted this is usually a Unity 7x and failover situation  where Message Store Configuration Wizard is run on a secondary server to  cause the problem of duplicate account creation...


For the cases I have seen so far, doing the work around for this bug seems to take care of the issue. Granted,
in addition to just putting a general HELP in the subject, you haven't provided as much other info beyond a few
versions of things. What version of Unity is this? Here are the details of the bug and work around should it fit
your versions and environment setup.

Sometimes when running Message Store Configuration Wizard (MSCW), it will
create duplicate user accounts in Active Directory for all current Unity

We have only seen this issue occur when running MSCW on an inactive Unity
failover server

If you have had duplicate AD accounts created you can perform one of the
following to resolve the issue:

You can use the Migrate Subscriber Data Tool
( to change the Unity
subscriber to use the correct AD account again.  You will then need to delete
the invalid AD accounts.


Stop AvDSAD and AvDSGlobalCatalog services from services.msc.
Delete duplicate AD accounts and set the directoryid field in the subscriber
table in SQL to NULL.  Then run \commserver\configurationsetup\setup.exe /sync
on the Unity server so it gets the correct directoryid for the users.


(1) Force Unity into UMR mode by following steps 1 - 4 here
(don't do step 5. don't restart any Unity services)

(2) Install COBRAS export on the Primary Unity server and run it to
export all of your subscribers including their voice messages:
(See the help link on that page as well for more details on usage of
this tool).

(3) Stop the following two services on the Primary unity server:

(4) Delete the duplicate accounts from active directory
(a) Right-click on the NA -> USERS OU, select Find
(b) Select "Custom Search" from the drop-down
(c) Select the Advanced Tab
(d) Enter CiscoEcsbuUMLocationObjectID=*
(e) Click Find
(f) Locate the 7 accounts which should not be deleted. Move them
to a different OU temporarily (not a child OU).
(g) Delete the remaining duplicate accounts from the Users OU

(5) Run the following command from the command prompt on the Unity

osql -E -Q "use unitydb update Subscriber SET DirectoryId = NULL"

(6) Start the following two services on the Primary unity server:

(7) Run the following command from the Start menu:
D:\CommServer\ConfigurationSetup\Setup.exe /sync

(8) Remove the registry keys previously set in step 1

(9) Install COBRAS Import on the Primary Unity server and run it to
import the back-ups of message that you took in Step 2:
(See the help link on that page as well for more details on usage of
this tool).

The issue of Unity creating new user accounts in AD when it shouldn't has
been resolved.  Please install an ES which resolves defect CSCtd63891.  The ES
will stop Unity from creating the duplicate accounts in the future, but will
not fix the issue after it has already happened.

ES33 for 7.02 is the ES that would have kept this from happening. If you update ES on your Unity regularly, some of these things can be avoided in the
first place.

If the work around for this is too complex or if you might be worried that the steps may break something, then having TAC help you (which I requested
from the beginning) might be wise.


New Member

Re: HELP!!!!!!


Thank you for taking the stated, even after a year or so of administrating callmanager/unity/ and uccx after many pbx years, this voip stuff still baffles,and will for awhile longer, to baffle me. as stated i hate asking, but this situation was "hot" and sometimes, at least in my past experience, it takes time for callbacks.

Tac will explain, i hope, the known issues that i guess we did not know about but from your post it seems close to what was happening.

Thanks again...i really appreciate it!!