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How do I hide public distribution lists from ciscopca

Can anyone tell me how to prevent public distribution lists from appearing in the search results when I am in ciscopca and creating a private list? I have tried unchecking "Show distribution list in e-mail server address book" and I am not a member of the distribution list.

I can not find anything in the Unity SA pages to prevent this. The CoS has nothing checked in system access.

Anyone have any ideas?

We are running Unity 4.0(4)sr1


Re: How do I hide public distribution lists from ciscopca

Hi -

Your post intrigued my curiousity. The online help says, "Any subscriber or public distribution list that is included in the directory is eligible for membership in your private lists." I tested creating a new COS that disabled on the Messages page the ability for subscribers to send messages to public distribution lists", but ciscopca still showed any distribution list I had either imported into Unity or the ones created during install - all subscribers, unaddressed, system event messages. However, I know you can block this by updating the Distribution List in Exchange. On your Unity server, go to Microsoft Exchange - Active Directory Users and Computers. In the MMC, select the distribution list you want to limit messaging to. Open the properties of the list. On the Exchange General Tab, you will see a section called Message Restrictions. You can limit the users by coding Accept messages only from: and select only your subset of users.



Re: How do I hide public distribution lists from ciscopca

I opened a case, and there is a bug filed: CSCsd21996.

Unfortunately, the workaround suggested (which matches yours I believe) does not remove the distribution list from the pick list. I have yet to test the affects in the lab. I'm guessing it will allow me to add it to my personal list, but when I go to send a message, it will be blocked.

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