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How do I send 5th call to busy rather than VM?

CCM 4.1.3/Unity 4.0.5 - We have a shared line that during business hours, exhaust the 1st 4 lines and then sends the 5th call to a VM rather than a busy signal. We have an after hours and an away greeting that allows VM during that time but we do not want the customers to be able to leave a VM on that line during business hours. Is this possible? Our vendor wants to record a busy signal and then use it as an alternate greeting but we have already had issues with end users accidently overwritten greetings and we end up with "front desk" as the greeting and then forward to VM.

Any help is appreciated.




Re: How do I send 5th call to busy rather than VM?

Hi Greg -

1. Create a schedule that matches your business hours.

2. Create a call handler and set the schedule you just created. Assign the call handler the extension of the phone line being forwarded to voicemail. Record a standard greeting for the call handler, but set the After Greeting action to NOT take a message.

3. Select the CLOSED greeting and record a message. Set the After Greeting action to Take a Message. In the Messages Tab of the Call Handler, designate a recipient for the message. Enable the Closed greeting.

4. Disable the Alternate greeting so it will no longer overide the other two.

Give that a try :-)


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