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How much C drive space does Unity need?

Is there a recommendation for how much space on a drive should be alotted to the C drive for the OS and Unity and how much should be alloted to the D drive, for logs and so forth? So, if I have an 80 gig drive, how big should I make the C drive. Can I even control that during the hardware installation? Is there any documentation on disc size allotment for a Unity install? Thanks


Re: How much C drive space does Unity need?

Yes, you need at least 40 MB on the C drive of the Unity server, if it goes below that it won't take any more VM's

Normally the transactional logs fill up the drive so I recommend you to backup the server on a daily basis using DiRT to avoid this problem.

Re: How much C drive space does Unity need?

When you install the Unity Platform disc, it automatically partitions the drive into C and D drive. Typically about 12 gigs on C and the rest on D 56 gigs I believe.

If you have to build Unity from scratch I would recommend the same. Mirror the drives, partition about the same and install ALL software onto the D drive. SQL, Exchange, Unity. The OS should be the only thing on the C drive.


Re: How much C drive space does Unity need?

Hi -

In addition to the already valuable info you have received, I'd like to add something else - review the Unity platform recommendations, i.e. there is a specific build required whether you are running a platform 1 server versus a platform 3 server. These recommendations, if you are not using the platform discs, can be invaluable in making the best Unity build. Also, remember if you are installing OS and Unity on same C drive, I would even consider going to 20 Gig and above for this drive. If you are installing a unified messaging implementation, the voice recordings are stored only as long as it takes to send the voice message to the Exchange information store. If Exchange is offbox, the voice messages are moved here. The Commserver directory, typically on the C drive, stores all of the stream files - spoken names and greetings for your subscribers. Here is the reference -

Regards, Ginger

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