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How to configure Unity for Load sharing

I have a voicemail only environment with 2 Unity 4.0.3 servers (primary and secondary) and Exchange 2k message store. I would like to find out if there is a way to point some users to the secondary server when accessing voicemail or even callhandler for autoattendant. Just like how we have IP phones register with different Subscriber CallManager.

And my other question is I understand that with CallManager all configuration and administration are done from CallManager publisher and all data will get replicated to all CallManager subscribers. Is the same rule apply to Unity with failover server ?

Thanks ! Any help would be highly appreciated !!!


Cisco Employee

Re: How to configure Unity for Load sharing

First, yes - changes you make on the primary are automatically replicated to the secondary - if the secondary is active (which implies the primary is not) then changes made on that server will replicate back once it comes back on line.

The answer to that implies the answer to the first - the failover is a passive failover system - so you cannot use a primary/failover pair to spread calls across both boxes - if you wish to do this you need to purchase full licenses for both. The primary/failover is obviously less expensive than two full licenses, but that's because of the passive failover model - if a call comes into the secondary server it automatically casues the primary to go off line. Both systems cannot be taking calls at the same time - that defeats the purpose.

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Re: How to configure Unity for Load sharing

Thanks Jeff ! I appreciate your response !!


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