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How to forward only external calls CUCM 9.0

Hi all,

Have looked all around but did not find a good solution to my problem.

We have some users that want all external calls to be directly forwarded to their secretaries while internal users can call them directly. The problem is that CUCM does not have an option on Call Forward All that applies only to external calls. What we have done as a workaround is to configure

Forward No Answer External with a time of 1 second. Although this works the phone rings before being forwarded to the secretary.

Does anyone know how I can achieve this?



Cisco Employee

How to forward only external calls CUCM 9.0

Hello Mauricio,

I think you can achieve this requirement , you have to perform below steps

1) Create CSS -EXTNL and PT- EXTNL

2)lets say from outside sombody is dailing 12345678 ie is your user DID number

3) then create a TP 12344567 and give PT-EXTN and translate this TP to your secretaries number

4) assign CSS-EXTNL to the gateway where the call is coming from, so that only gateway should have this access to this TP.

So whenever calls comes in from this gateway 12345678 it will hit the Gateway first then your TP and it will translate to your secretaries number and seceartary can answer phone by passing the user external everytime.

P.S once you have this , this particular user will not recieve any external calls, all calls shall be re-directed to secartary . In case user wants to attend external then you have remove this TP and CSS .


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