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How to increase number of rings


How to increase number of rings before Cisco Unity Answers.



Cisco Employee

Re: How to increase number of rings

With Dialogic systems you can set the IncomingCallRings parameter using the EditSwitch utility or directly in the switch ini configuraion file. Will IP systems this parameter is not available. Unity pretty much will answer as soon as the call is offered.

Cisco Employee

Re: How to increase number of rings

I'll assume you mean if someone calls a Unity subscriber, how many rings on the phone before the call is forwarded to Unity due to Ring No Answer.

As Eric had pointed out in the prev post, Unity will pick up as soon as the call hits Unity.

You will have to set the phone system.

In Callmanager, there is a setting in Service Parameters --> CallManager--> Forward No Answer Timeout

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Re: How to increase number of rings

How about this:

Rings to Wait For

Select the number of times the extension rings before Cisco Unity plays the subscriber or handler greeting.

Set this value to at least 2 to give subscribers a chance to answer. Avoid setting to more than 4, especially if the call may be transferred to another extension, where the caller might have to wait for another four rings. This value should be at least two rings fewer than the phone system setting for forwarding calls.

This option is unavailable when Release to Switch is selected and when Transfer Incoming Calls is set to the No (Send Directly) option.

Default: Two rings.

Call Management > Call Handlers > Call Transfer > Transfer type:



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