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How to merge two Unity server in different version

Customer want to merge two Unity servers: Unity1 and Unity3, they want to move all users/mailboxes(with existing voice messages) from Unity1 to Unity3 so finally the hardware of Unity1 will be free for other purpose, here are basic info of them:

Unity1: Unity 3.1(6), license: 50 users + 4 ports, Exchange server 2000 + SP3, SQL server 2000 Standard + SP3, MCS-7825

Unity3: Unity 4.0(4), license: 50 users + 16 ports, Exchange server 2000 + SP3, MSDE 2000 + SP3, MCS-7825

They're integrated with Active Directory in a dedicate domain for Unity, and it is a system of voice messaging only.

Till now, I thought I have two options to do this:

>>>>>>>Option 1:

1. Upgrade Unity1 from 3.1(6) to 4.0(4)

2. Use Active Directory Users and Computer or Exchange System Manager to move 50 users' mailbox(with their existing voice messages) from Exchange on Unity1 to Exchange on Unity3. (Do I need to change partner Exchange here?)

3. Then use Unity tools - Global Subscriber Manager(GSM) to move subscriber info from Unity1 to Unity3

>>>>>>>Option 2:

1. Creat new subscriber and mailbox on Unity3 (for those existing 50 users on Unity1) manually or using tools like BulkImport(more detail should be figured out?).

2. Use ExMerge.exe to export existing message from Exchange on Unity1 and merge into Exchange on Unity3


1. Are above two options practical for the merge? are those steps correct and sufficient? anybody has similar experience?

2. Which option is better? or is there other options to do this?

3. Any concern such like version difference, BulkImport, Active Directory etc.?

4. They're using MCS-7825 , so any software based backup/roll back solution?(Veritas?) Seems DiRT won't work in our scenario for the version difference and 10 user limitation when restore.

5. After converting the 3.1(6) system key of Unity1 into 4.0(4) license file of Unity3 and imported them into Unity3, will the license on Unity1 be disabled automatically?

Thanks / Brandon


Re: How to merge two Unity server in different version

First thing, get the systems to the same version level. You will not be able to export/import if the versions are different.

If the Unity servers are in the same domain, you should be able to just use the GSM to move from one server to the other server. All you are doing is moving from one Exchange server to another Exchange, then Unity updates it's SQL database to know when message/data store they are homed into.

If you are in different domains, you will need to use Exmerge to export the mailboxes to PST, then re-import them to the new version. Use this method if user don't mind resetting their Unity vm box up again. Sometimes it's easiest, but also the users may not like it.. but tough. I usually present it as an option to the client and say:

Option 1: $$$$$

Move all settings, voicemail, etc. (more work)

Option 2: $$

Migrate voice messages, reset accounts, etc. (less work)

Remember, if you have RAID 0, you can simply pull a drive out of a server for easy rollback. Don't work about Veritas and such. Also remember to use DIRT in combination with the drive pull method.


lif Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Re: How to merge two Unity server in different version

Thanks for your advice. still got questions on more detail

1. So GSM could move mailbox in Exchange as well as updating those Unity info in SQL DB automatically, correct? If yes, we just upgrade Unity1 and make sure both server are running same Unity version, use DiRT to backup then use GSM to move mailbox(and update Unity info automatically), that's all we need to do for option 1, right?

2. Even two Unity are in same domain, I think Exmerge should also work because it based on PST file, so option 2, we just re-setup new mailbox for users on Unity1 and use Exmerge regardless they're in same domain or not, am I right?

3. For option2, how can I re-setup mailboxes(of users on Unity1) on Unity3 efficiently? will BulkImport could do the job completely for me, users are in same domain now, Active Directory is running on separate server?

4. Because they're using MCS-7825 with RAID 1+0, so drive pull-out is not available, only two options left if you don't recommend Veritas: DiRT for user, mailbox and Unity status backup, Exmerge for mailbox backup only, am I right? and why don't you recommend Veritas?


Re: How to merge two Unity server in different version

So i have been looking at this a little bit in my Unity domain I have setup.

is this voicemail only setup or UM?

Check out this video:

It will explain how to move Unity subscriber from Unity1 to Unity2. Pay attention to how to activate the Wizard when you right click on the "move" subscriber. You will need to setup the shared folders between the two servers.

Veritas is fine for backup, but not for migrating users. Unity SQL and Exchange will nto be able to handle this.

Also, make sure your Unity servers are at the save version level.

lif Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Re: How to merge two Unity server in different version

It's for Voice Mail only.

Re: How to merge two Unity server in different version

You should be good using the GSM then.

- Upgrade your older Unity server to current level on the newer.

-Follow the steps to share the stream directories between the servers

- Digitally network the two servers into the same dialing domain.

- launch GSM and start moving subscribers over.

The video explains it very well on the migration pieces, you will have to know how to setup Digital networking, the shared folders, and upgrading Unity.


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