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How to retrieve a deleted voice mail from Exchange?

How does one retrieve a deleted voice mail from Exchange after a subscriber deletes it? I heard that this can be done but don't know the process. This is Ex 2000- on box, Unity 4.05. Thanks

Cisco Employee

Re: How to retrieve a deleted voice mail from Exchange?

If the user is in a class of service that has the "copy deleted messages to the deleted items folder" option turned on, then all messages deleted over the phone are moved to the deleted items folder. They have be retrieved over the phone going through the saved message menu or you can get at them via a desktop client like Outlook on that mailbox.

If the user's COS is not setup to copy deleted items to the deleted items folder then the message is gone and can't be retrieved.

Re: How to retrieve a deleted voice mail from Exchange?

if it is Voicemail only setup, you can log into OWA on the Messenging Server (unity Exchange server)

try going to http:\\unitymessengingserver\exchange\subscriber alias

Login in with the UnityAdmin account. Unity admin should be able to see the OWA account of the subscriber you are trying to retreive the VM from in the recycle bin. go into the recycle bin pull it back out to the inbox.

This *sometimes* works, depending on your rentention, etc.

I usually do not advertise to end users that they can log into the OWA of the Exchange server for Unity... but it's a nice "backdoor" access to the VM through a web interface.

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