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How to set up call queuing for two users

Greetings all.

I've been asked to set up call queuing for two users. Here's how I'd like the solution to work. A call comes in; if both users are busy, I'd like the caller to have the option to hold or leave a message. I have call queuing set up and it works fine for one user, but I don't know how to make it work for two users responsible for answering the same extension.

I'm new to Cisco - we had a new phone system installed about 4 months ago - Call Manager 6 and Unity 5.

Do I set up hunting / CTI route point / call handler? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Re: How to set up call queuing for two users

Call Manager nor Unity support caller queuing by themselves. Unity will allow you to ask the caller if they want to leave a message by pressing a button, via a call handler, but is not able to put someone on hold until a resource is free. This all would happen before the caller is routed to a user.

You will most likely need to look at something like IPCC Express for this type of functionaltiy.

Look here for more information about the product line:



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Re: How to set up call queuing for two users

Thanks, Adam. I appreciate it!

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