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How to setup CME night-service distinctive ring tone

CME 4.0(2), I have normal ring tone for an IP Phone and want to distinctive when it notify as night-service.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: How to setup CME night-service distinctive ring tone


If your phone has multiple line buttons (i.e. a 7940 or better) then you can set one of the other lines as the 'night-service' extension.

This line could be assigned using the feature-ring operator (i.e. 2f3 instead of 2:3) which would make it triple-ring.

Alternately you could set up the distinctiveringlist.xml file on your CME system with some alternate ring tones, and then assign the alternate ring tone to the new night service line from 'user preferences' in the settings menu directly on the handset itself.



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Re: How to setup CME night-service distinctive ring tone

Thanks Aaron,

As per CCM admin guide the notified ephone will get distinctive ring tone but I got same tone in 'ephone 2' before & after the 'night-service' mode.

I saw a message 'File is not found distict...' on 'ephone 2'. I cannot find any file in flash as name 'distint...' Is this related to the issue?

Can you advise my scenario first? and let me try yours.

ephone-dn 1

number 1000

night-service bell


ephone-dn 2

number 1001


ephone 1

button 1:1


ephone 2

button 1:2

night-service bell


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