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How to stop MWI sync when it's in process?

Somehow my MWI sync process started on it's own and since I manually started another sync job, I've got 1 sync job queued up. Is there a way to stop the MWI sync process when it's in process? I'm on Unity 4.1.1 unified. Thanks.


Re: How to stop MWI sync when it's in process?

Hi -

You may have a resynch scheduled with your switch. For CallManager integration, go to UTIM in Unity Tools Depot and select the properties page of the integration. On the Integration page, there is a section MWI Synchronization, including a timeframe to do this. If the box is checked, you have scheduled it. MWI resynch also happens if you stop/start Unity or reboot the server. The AvNotifier service checks the inboxes of all subscribers for voice messages. On our 4.0(5) server, it takes about 15 minutes to do 800+ subscribers. I'm not aware of a process to stop it, once started. If you stop the AvNotifier service, it will recheck all users' inboxes once it is started again. You didn't mention if you have an Exchange cluster or failover, or how long it is taking to run - you should see two events in your Application event log: Event 1062 where it begins synch and Event 1063 where resynch completes. Check your event log to see if you are getting any errors. Also, I did see one engineering change #6 for 4.1, but I would recommend checking with TAC on this first, since I'm not knowledgeable of Unity at this diagnostic level. They could confirm if it applied to your environment or not.



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Re: How to stop MWI sync when it's in process?

I did failback (unexpectedly) on Unity, so that's what probably caused the unscheduled MWI sync. I have my syncs set to 9:00 PM every night, but for 550+ mailboxes, it takes a little over one hour, but that's probably due to me only allocating 12 MWI dialout ports. Thanks for your reply. I now have to figure out why my Unity failed over to the secondary right in the middle of the morning.

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