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Hunt group, Pick-up and script


I have the follwing problem in 4.1.2.

At a customer site we enter via a script to check open date and hour with prompt, from this we jump to a Hunt group for an hotline. Some people of the hotline are in the Hunt, and some other just perform a pick-up to answer call. Up to there, every thing ok.

I add int the hunt a forward no answer to a trigger to set yp a message if nobody answer the call. When activating this, the pick-up function doesn't work anymore.

Does somebody have an idea??? Is that solved in further release or do I make a mistake?

Thanks to answer


Re: Hunt group, Pick-up and script

Hi Patrick -

Once the forward no answer action takes over, call pickup will no longer be available. Call pickup is enabled when the phone is ringing. Have you tried increasing the ring cycle duration on the phone extension? The default is 20 seconds, about 3-5 rings depending on the ringer style selection. You can increase this somewhat, say 30 seconds. I would advise not to increase too much, otherwise your callers will think no one answered and you could see hangups. Hopefully I've understood your question. Just curious, what is your forward no answer trigger, it didn't sound like you were using Unity voicemail for this ... or maybe you meant call handler?


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Re: Hunt group, Pick-up and script


Thanks for your answer, however, the call-pickup is not working even when ringing. I can try to increase the ringing time but I don't think it would be the solution.

Regarding your question, I have send the CFNA to a trigger JTAPI which start a script to provide the prompt. We in fact have UNITY, but trying to send to a specific voice mail don't succeed, I never get the right message when a call come from the script but I got it from an internal call.

Perhaps it's another way??


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