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Hunt Pilot Configuration issue


I'm looking for some assistance in regard to a Hunt Pilot setting I'm having an issue with.

Evironment info:

CCM 4.1(3)sr2

7-digit dial plan

3 VM servers: UM('default vm pilot for system'), VMO, and IMAP

-Hunt Pilot 8468998

-One line group in the hunt list. 2 phones in the line group; 846774 and 846776.

-Hunt Pilot-Hunt Forward Settings checked for 'Use Personal Preferences'.

-The vm profile for each line in the LG are set to the vmo box.

It's my understanding that in a cfna/cfb from the hunt with 'use personal preferences' the call would be sent to whatever the setting is for the particular line it "ends the hunt" on.

In testing, in a cfna/cfb when calling the hunt, the call forwards to the UM pilot as '8998'. So it's not being forwarded as I would expect nor is it forwarding to the intended vm pilot.

Am I going about this configuration incorrectly or is this a bug or "deeper" configuration issue? Any assistance?


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Re: Hunt Pilot Configuration issue

Hi Jason,

Sometimes these settings are hard to figure out aren't they. I think when you choose "Use Personal Preferences" the setting that is used is actually the Call Forward No Coverage (CFNC) settings for the original called number that forwarded the call to this hunt pilot. Perhaps it would be easier to use the "Destination" setting to route the unanswered call to the VMO Pilot;

Forward Hunt No Answer

When the call distributed through the hunt list is not answered in a specific period of time, this field specifies the destination to forward the call.

Choose from the following options:

Use Personal Preferences Use this check box to enable the Call Forward No Coverage (CFNC) settings for the original called number that forwarded the call to this hunt pilot.

The CFNC setting specifies a call forwarding reason that you administer in the Directory Number Configuration window. Calls get diverted based on the value in the directory number's Coverage/Destination field when a call to the directory number first diverts to coverage, and coverage either exhausts or times out, and the associated hunt pilot for coverage specifies Use Personal Preferences for its final forwarding.

Note: When this check box is checked, Cisco CallManager ignores the settings in the Destination box and Calling Search Space.

Destination This setting indicates the directory number to which calls are forwarded.

Calling Search Space This setting applies to all devices that are using this directory number.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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