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ID and pin prompt in Unity 5.0

Hello, we have a Call Manager 5.1 and Unity 5.0 integration. When a user with a mailbox associated to his extension dials to the voicemail extension it receive a prompt to enter the pin (unity knows the caller id, so it does not ask for the extension id). Some extensions have their own mailbox and also they have access to a general delivery mailbox. I would like that unity asks for ID and pin, so any extension could access to the GDM. Is it possible? If so, where do I have to change that parameters?

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VIP Purple

Re: ID and pin prompt in Unity 5.0

Easiest way is to have users press * when Unity picks up. They will then be prompted for ID and PIN.

Hope this helps.


Cisco Employee

Re: ID and pin prompt in Unity 5.0

you can also change the direct routing rule that is set to go to "attempt sign in" to just "sign in". Attempt sign in tries to use the calling number (i.e. if a match is found for a subscriber's primary or alternate extension it uses it). Sign in just asks for the Id and PIN all the time.

Or you can get fancy and have this behavior only on a specific dial in number or the like. that way "normal" users still get attempt sign in behavior and only users with the general mailbox needs get prompted for both - you'd have two direct routing rules triggered on dialed number or something similiar for that.

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