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Identifying servername of CM/Unity from Active Directory

Currently, our customer uses a script based on the AD DL ownership of the Unity user account to determine what Unity and CCM server a user is on in order to be able to push the URLS of the CCM and Unity webpages to the desktop (so the users dont have to know what servers they are on). This has worked great in the past however we have now finished all the 1-1 CCM/Unity deployments and are now working on many-1 CCM/Unity sites and this has presented an issue because it no longer helps us determine what CCM a user is associated to.

Does anyone have any ideas if there are any attributes in AD for a user account that could help determine what CCM server a user is on? I have looked at all the ciscoECSBU attributes and other than the ciscoECSBU DTMF attribute (which wont work), I am pretty sure there is no way to accomplish this. Obviously the CCMs are not AD integrated so I dont expect to find any attributes relevant to these servers but it never hurts to ask.

I dont think this can be done but am looking for any feedback on automation of determining CM servernames in situations such as this.

Unity 4.2.1 / CCM 4.1(3)SR4d

Thanks very much.


Re: Identifying servername of CM/Unity from Active Directory

Just and idea that you might try. Find out which unity the subscriber is associated to, and then which CallManager the Unity is associated to by the vm ports.


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