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IM and Presence 10.x Sevices: Cisco Sync Agent is not running


I have installed IM and Presence 10.x (System version: as a Subs and Cisco Sync Agent does not Start. I tried restart the services but never start.

Is there any bug for this version?

Thanks in Advance for help!




Hi Uddin,Please try the

Hi Uddin,

Please try the following steps


1.Remove all UC Service and Service Profile
2.Restart Tomcat
3.Add UC Service and Service Profile manually
4.Start UP Sync agent

Let us know if it helps.


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Hi Manish,I have not

Hi Manish,

I have not configured any UC Service (on CUCM>User Management>User Settings>UC service) and also Service profile (on CUCM>User Management>User Settings>service Profile).

I did restart the Cisco Tomcat and then Sync Agent but no luck!, still Sync Agent is not running.

Anyway, thanks your info.


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Hi All,Looks like IM and

Hi All,

Looks like IM and Presence 10.1 hitting some kind of Bug that's why Sync Agent never starts.

Anyway I did install 10.5 Version and it is working fine and Sync Agent UP and Running , no issues.




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Thanks for your reply Uddin

Thanks for your reply Uddin.

So did you upgrade CUCM to 10.5 then upgrade CUP to 10.5 after?

Will there be any license issue?

I can't believe CUP 10.1 is just not working...

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I am having the same issue.I

I am having the same issue.

I actually just did a fresh installation, this is the first IM node in the cluster, however while I went through the installation process it was always saying "this is not the first node of the cluster".

After installation, the Cisco Sync Agent and Cisco XCP Directory Service are both not running.

Tried restart, same issue


Could anybody help me out? thanks a lot

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Hi I have the same issue. Can



I have the same issue. Can I get to know if this was resolved

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Hi Uddin and everybody facing

Hi Uddin and everybody facing the issue,


There are couple of defects with IM and Presence version 10.5.1 and 10.5.2 affecting your issue. Check these: CSCup88194 and CSCut52781. Both of them have a workaround which needs TAC intervention (to be implemented in root of the server).


Also, collect the Cisco Sync Agent logs from the IM and Presence server, before approaching Cisco TAC. You can collect those through the IMnP server CLI using the commands:

file list activelog /epas/trace/epassa/log4j

file view activelog /epas/trace/epassa/log4j/<file name from list>    --- to view the contents of the file on CLI itself

file get activelog /epas/trace/epassa/log4j


As of now, most of the cases end up (specially with version 10.5.2) end up rebuilding the server, but can also be worked out as per the defect details.


Hope this helps!


Hitesh Kumar


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