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Inbound SIP Trunk with CUCM7.1.3 or CUCMBE

Hi All, hoping you can help

I am currently running CUCM Express on a Cisco 2801 ISR. This is working really well but we are looking to swap it out for either CUCM7.1.3 or CUCMBE (to be decided).

However, our company is quite small and as a result our inbound calls come through an online VOIP Provider which is

With VoipTalk you can purchased a geographical set of numbers and then "forward" them to your PBX (which currently for us is CUCMExpress).

Within CUCMExpress we then configure a Sip-UA with a username and password (that is provided in our VoipTalk account) and this allows us to receive the inbound calls.

I'm trying to work out if CUCM7.1.3 or CUCMBE supports inbound SIP-UA trunks like CUCMExpress does?

If it does, then brilliant, and can anyone point to any documentation or advice on how to configure this, or if it doesnt if there is another way round it while still utilizing CUCM (or CUCMBE)

Our config on our CUCMExpress looks like this currently


authentication username 123456780 password 7 072B78461D5B13453453453

registrar expires 3600


I guess I'm looking to see if CUCM does the same sort of thing?

Its just a standard username and password that VoipTalk provide and can be changed online via their website.

Hope that explains all and if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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