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Include original VM in reply message

Unified Messaging, version 4.0.4. I have a customer that wants to have the original voicemail as part of the response when they reply to a VM. Is this possible? Much like a forwarded message where you record an introduction to the message, the users want the original message attached to the reply so the person they are replying back to would hear their own message and then the caller's response to that message.

Cisco Employee

Re: Include original VM in reply message

Do they really want to hear their own message played back to them first and then hear the response? That sounds really painful to have to deal with, especially after several replies. Ouch.

I can see hearing the reply and then, optionally, hearing the original message(s) after that just in case you forgot what you sent them or something. This really baloons the storage space if folks are doing a lot of replying, but it more or less follows the forward paradigm except the addressing.

But short story is no, there's no way to make Unity include the original message on a reply (just like replying on an email wont include attachments with it). They have to forward it if they want the attachment included.

As with all such things, make sure you ask your account team to open a PERs for it.

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