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Information mailbox with multiple message

Unity 4.0.5. Can we create a mailbox with multiple messages that external callers can listen to? The equivalent in Octel is a Type 1. Customer want to record a message that can be sent to this mailbox for jobs offers, for example. When someone listen to it, they can press # to get to the next message. Thanks

Cisco Employee

Re: Information mailbox with multiple message

there's nothing explicitly configured for this but in Unity 4.1 you can come close using the custom key map conversation.

In 4.1 you can configure a mailbox that has no phone password and is setup to start playing new messages right away (i.e. no top level subscriber menu) - skip all message counts and such - so when you sign into the mailbox the first thing you'd hear is "new messages, message 1..."

you can then map that subscriber to use the custom key map conversation and just remove all options in there other than the ability to press "#" to get the next message - no options for forwarding, replying, deleting etc... it'd be reasonably close anyway - worth fiddling with if you have the opportunity.

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Re: Information mailbox with multiple message

The thing is that with Octel some users (for example manager that have job to offers) can record and send a message to a specific mailbox (type 1). Then, external callers dial the information mailbox number, and then may listen to the messages and go to next if they want. To delete a message, then the owner would have to sign in and delete the message. So what you suggested was not quite what we want but worth some tries. I could try by routing the call to the sign in(?). The other problem is that 4.1 is not available yet with french locale. Thanks

Cisco Employee

Re: Information mailbox with multiple message

You can do much the same thing in 4.0(5) but it does not have the option to jump right to new messages on login as 4.1 does - you'd have to edit the key presses for the subscriber main menu in the custom key map to only offer new messages (i.e. no access to setup, saved messages etc...) - it'd require the user to hit a key to start playing new messages which is a little odd but may still be workable.

yes, for deleting messages you would want to perhaps use a desktop client. An other alternative is to again use the custom key map to have key options mapped to delete messages but not voiced - so for instance have some un obvious key sequence like "34" mapped to delete in the after message menu and have it not voiced - folks that knew it was there could leverage it but outside callers wouldn't know about it.

could work...

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