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Information store cannot be opened?

Example Administrator - from my limited understanding is like a "catcher's mitt" for catching calls targeting extensions not associated with a voicemail box.

Since, Example Administrator box is not associated with a user name email notifications are not sent to anyone's inbox.

I've asked for this to be assigned to my user ID in microsoft exchange, so I will get notifications when there are messages in Example Administrator.

It worked great the day it was set up, I could access notifications, open - hear -delete - messages from my email inbox under the Example Administrator folder. But, next day and today, I get a message stating "Unable to expand the folder. The set of folders could not be opened. The information store could not be opened." It's still set up in Unity, but seems to have a problem with the storage folder.

What have I done, what do I need to do to fix? Keep in mind I'm a rookie, and appreciate "dumbed down" replies.

I also appreciate all you geniuses out there who offer your time and expertise on this discussion board.

CCM 4.1

Unity 4.0

Microsoft 2000


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Re: Information store cannot be opened?

I received a notification of a reply on this topic, but when I look I don't find one. Would whoever replied, please re-reply?

Thank you - Nat

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