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Integrating more than one unity with CUCM 6

Hi, Due to domain change I have just finished installing Cisco Unity 5 on a separate server, and after configuring integration on CUCM6 the Unity service has stopped and I can't run it any more. Is this because I already have Unity 5 integrated with the same CUCM6? I wanted to test this with separate ports, pilots, MWI and profile and I have configured all of these but I can't get the unity service to start again.

Any ideas?


Re: Integrating more than one unity with CUCM 6

Integration does not cause Unity to down, you can disintegrate and try to do it again with different set of VM profile and VM ports and MWI,

however try to bring up the unity before you integrate.

Re: Integrating more than one unity with CUCM 6

Hi -

Adding my opinion to this post - Unity service down typically means AvCsMgr or AvCsGateway - major components needed by Unity to start-up - check the application and system event logs - you will very likely see the reason Unity is not starting. When you crate a new integration in Unity via UTIM, Unity does need to restart. Make sure the new Unity server can ping the CallManager servers. Multiple Unity servers in different domains can be integrated with a single CUCM cluster - we had 5 running at one time, each with its own voicemail profile, ports, pilot, hunt group and line group.


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