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IPCC Queued calls with menus

I'm having an issue where I've written a script for my IPCC server that is not behaving as expected.

When a caller is queued (after passing previous time and agent count tests), I want to prompt them every 45 seconds with the ability to get to an operator with a "0" keypress. The problem I have is that the hold music stops, and I don't think the keypress will actually stop the delay statement and go back to the menu.

I have attached my current script. If anyone can spot an error, I would be very happy to hear about it. Thanks!!

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Re: IPCC Queued calls with menus

You are correct: DTMF input will not interrupt the Delay step. If you have set the Menu step not to clear the input buffer, it will still get the digit when the queued_loop returns to that step. Normally, I recommend you word the menu prompt like " 0 now" so the caller knows when to make the selection.

I've discussed this in more depth here:^1%40%40.2cc23657/1#selected_message

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Re: IPCC Queued calls with menus

I am using IPCC, writing a Customer Response Solution (CRS). I have the loop around the menu working properly now, which is good. But, I can't make the menu play a concatenated prompt. What's the secret?

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