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is 5gb a month enough for a vpn user?

good morning.

I have no idea who to ask this to but I am using a vpn connection to connect to my companies server. I want to hook up with verizon wireless to use their wireless broadband internet. They only offer 5gb usage per month. I am not sure if that is enough. how can I figure out how many kb or gb I am using monthly with my vpn connection to work. I also have Avaya phone softward.

Any info would be appreciated.


Re: is 5gb a month enough for a vpn user?

5GB provided by verizon is the maximum free download provided to you to downlaod data from internet.This is not related to the speed of internet service provided to you.So you do not have to worry about the 5GB download limit provided to you and you can use the internet service without any problem.

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Re: is 5gb a month enough for a vpn user?

So, i don't have to worry about my usage? I was told by verizon that emails, word docs, pdfs, websites, all add up.

when i check my Statistics on my vpn connection is says how many bytes I have received/sent.

This is not connected? it isnt the same thing?

I easily use 300 million + bytes received a day and send 30 million+ bytes a day. this isn't a concern?

I don't know how to convert daily byte usage to monthly gb usage. Do I even have to. I am really confused about this.

Any information you have that can clarify this would help.

Verizon said if I go over 5gb usage a mo, they will charge me extra.

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