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Is CUPresence Install Service Affecting?


I am getting ready to install CUPresence 6.0(2) and was wondering if it was service affecting or if I should wait and do it in non production/service hours?

Would appreciate any help, thanks!


Re: Is CUPresence Install Service Affecting?

Personally i would say any install is best done out of hours just incase as you never know what might happen.

But you dont need to restart any call manager services so you should be ok for a production install.

Is this your first CUPS install by the way as it can be rather trick to get running properly. I would recommend getting it going in a lab first if you have never used it before.



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Re: Is CUPresence Install Service Affecting?

Hey, thanks for your reply. It is my first time and I have been gathering all the documents around its Installation, Configuration/Administration, Maintenance, etc. Do you recommend that I follow a certain guide more specifically or one other than I have?

When you say it can be tricky to get running properly, are you referring to the configuration of the product or the installation. I read through the installation guide and it seemed pretty straightforward.

Would appreciate any assitance or if someone knows of any tricks, gotchas or problems I am likely to run into during the installation and configuration of CUPS, that they would let me know. :)

Appreciate it!


Re: Is CUPresence Install Service Affecting?


The install is easy just make sure you add the cups server as an application server first in the call manager before installing. The configuration ingeneral is ok but Some people have problems with authenticating the presence and softphone. Which is usually a problem with the authentication module. You need to disable it by,

"go to System - Service Parameter - choose the CUPS server and Service as Cisco UP SIP Proxy. And in this page, check if the "Authentication Module Status" is On or Off. If it is On, you need to set it to Off and Save. "

check these links:

If your not using DNS then make sure you use the ip address of the CUPS server as the sip domain.

I have heard there are many problems with trying to use CUPS with Unity connection for the voice mail.

Best thing you can do is just have a search through this forum for cups and your find lots of problems and resolutions.



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