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Is it possible : Meeting Place that bridge another meeting place


We're planning a MP8 integration on and want to know about bridging another MP.

Case :

There are two main sites. site A, and site B connected with IP Network (6Mbps) and PSTN.

There are Video Meeting rooms in each site.

An  MP8 is installed in site A.

When the video conference is up, then 5 vide calls goes to the MP8 on site A, from the site B

And 1 video call from site A.

In this case, the consumed bandwidth between site A and B is at least 5*videocalls + Site A Videocall.

Question : How to reduce bandwidth consumption so that :

Calls in Site B, stays in site B LAN

Call in Site A goes to Site B.

And Meeting is still on.

does the following is possible :

Install an MP8 on site A, and Site B.

When meeting is on, then :

MP in Site A host the client A

MP in site B host the clients in site B

And MP in A nd B rely the two sited,

so that the bandwidth consumed between A and B will be equal to site A.

Does Cisco Meeting Place can do it?



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