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Is it possible receive allarm on phone activities in CUOM?

Hi, I know that CUOM 2.02 have a detaild phone status report on phones activities.

Is it possibile have alarm when a phone is deregistered, non available end so on?

I saw all 154 events of CUOM but I did not find any event about it.

What are the events (alarm) that CUOM cuold produce for cisco phones??

Is there an alternative to have alarm on phones activities??

Thank you in advance.


Re: Is it possible receive allarm on phone activities in CUOM?

I looked into this. It's a little tough. You first have define what you want to monitor. Someone unplugged a phone? (example) This is basically an SNMP trap from the switchport. But all you will get is the MAC address of the phone that was disconnected.

If you want to get more indepth, LiteScape has a product that will monitor phones status. (unplugged, plugged in, off hook, on hook, etc) It's expensive, but if it's for security purposes, then it is justifiable.

Normally, in CUCM log files, you will see the MAC addresses register/unregister but it will not give you anything more other than the MAC address.

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