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Is UMR dependant on AD running

From the Design Guides it seems that UMR obviously kicks in one Exchange Message store fails to respond. In this time is UMR have to poll the AD this installed on a seperate/dedicated server?

By Design guides it seems as though UMR would poll local SQL cache on Unity server if it needed to get access to directory info but NOT AD. Is this correct

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Re: Is UMR dependant on AD running

are you asking how Unity knows if a remote message store is available or not? The windows monitor component pings the Exchange message store services on the remote servers to see if they're up and running - if they aren't, it's noted in the table of message stores that it is not available and users attempting to log into those mailboxes on that mailstore will not be allowed to do so (this avoids "wedging" the MAPI thread with a long login time out).

the list of mailstores available on the network is pulled from AD, of course.

If that's not what you were asking, please clarify a bit what you're looking for.

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Re: Is UMR dependant on AD running

Not exactly what I was asking please let me clarify:

5000 Subscribers Voice Mail only so as per design guide we have 1 Unity Server and 3 external Exchange Message stores. DC/GC server is installed in a seperate server altogether. If Exchange Message

store(s) were to go down UMR would kick in, I understand.

....However when UMR does kick in is AD being used for list of mail stores or can UMR run without AD being available (ex. in case where AD server died)?

Can UMR use the local SQL cache in place of AD for list of mailstores


Re: Is UMR dependant on AD running

When Unity tries to submit a MAPI message to Exchange it is forced authenticate and then resolve the message against a GC. This is the only time the UMR goes to a GC and it isn't optional. Since MAPI requires the client to access a GC we couldn't go to SQL if we wanted to. So if an Exchange server goes down none of that changes. Unity will still be forced to access a GC.

If should also be noted that in all release builds of code Unity does not monitor the MAPI GC for availability because until recently the Microsoft MAPI code did not allow us to dynamically move to a new GC. However, Microsoft as created a patch for MAPI and we have coded Unity so that in the 4.0(4) release we can accept a GC referral from our partner Exchange server if the patch is applied and the partner Exchange server has a GC to refer.

Hope this is what you were looking for...


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Re: Is UMR dependant on AD running


Does the Microsoft patch apply to Exchange 2003 as well, or is it an Exchange 2000-only problem? Does Exchange 2003's MAPI already support the GC referral function?


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