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Issues with Parked Calls not always displaying in Attendant Console


Currently I am using the call park functionality for queuing up incoming support calls from general reception until they are answered by our support administration team. All are using the Attendant Console application and are using it for parking and retrieving parked calls. I have two park number ranges designated in CCM as 110X and 111X and have set the revision timer to the default of 90 sec. so that if a call is not picked up by our SA group, it rings back to our receptionist who initially parked the call. Most of the time, the parked calls show up properly in the list of parked calls, however, every now and then when a call is parked, it is displayed in AC as it is parked on a designated number, the small window then disappears and it is never displayed in the list of parked calls on the parked calls list of AC. The customer that called in is now parked, but no one is aware of it until the revision timer kicks in and rings the receptionist back who initially parked the call. I'm currently using vsn 4.1 of CCM and vsn 1.4(1 ES5) od AC. Is anyone aware of this being a bug in the system or is there a known fix?

Cisco Employee

Re: Issues with Parked Calls not always displaying in Attendant

Hi Bob,

Which revision and patch of CCM 4.1?   There were a few issues that could have caused this behaviour.   Is there anything different about the initial call flow for the calls that are not being displayed?

NOTE: "You cannot overlap call park numbers between Cisco CallManager servers. Ensure  that each Cisco CallManager server has its own number range."

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