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Jabber Guest (JabberC)

Anybody tested such product as Jabber Guest?

In my infrastructure I have CUCM 9.1. I deployed Jabber Guest and try integrate it in private LAN without VCS-Control and VCS-Expressway.

CUCM and Jabber Guest are in one subnet x.x.20.0 and pingable. I did SIP Trunk on CUCM. On jabber Guest as sip-server used CUCM.

I have created link to DN:108 and when I tryed to cal I get error:
"SIP Error. The destination associated with this link is not reachable."

According troubleshooting in guide:
• The DN embedded in the link, or associated with the link, does not exist on the Cisco UnifiedCommunications Manager or Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server.

but DN:108 it's my DN and it's reachable.

Anybody have any idea?

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Hello,I'm new for CUCM and


I'm new for CUCM and Jabber Guest.Can you tell me how to configure SIP Trunk on CUCM ?





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Hello,You must create SIP


You must create SIP trunk as by default with Non Secure SIP Trunk Profile and Standart SIP Profile.

SIP Information: Destination: IP of Jabber Guest and port 5060.

Also you must choose a valid Calling Search Space.

That's all.

Hello,Where i donwload the


Where i donwload the OVA Template for Jabber Guest?


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Hi, I need the same



I need the same information.


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To order Jabber Guest, you

To order Jabber Guest, you  must order the $0 part number under UCL or CUWL Standard or PRO at the . Dedicated Expressway C and Expressway E are also required.

Order at least 2 Rich Media Sessions since one is required on the Expressway C and one on the Expressway E for each single Jabber Guest session. For example: a customer wanting to be able to support 5 Jabber Guest sessions simultaneously would require 10 Rich Media Sessions.

Top Level Part Number R-UCL-UCM-LIC-K9


Hi MrSerge74_2Thank you so

Hi MrSerge74_2

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