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Jabber Mobile and CallManager SU2a - desk phone control issue

Wanted to put this out there in case anyone has seen it yet and found a fix, or to hopefully save the next person some headache...

Starting to pilot Jabber Mobile via MRA (Collab Edge).  We were running CallManager 9.1.2 base, and there was a known bug with audio and the mobile client, that required a jump to at least SU1.  Since SU2a was out, the engineer i was working with recommended just jumping up to that SU. The problem is, though, it breaks the ability to handoff calls between a desk phone or softphone and the mobile client.  If a call is started from either of those, and you try to hand it off to the mobile client, it won't work.  But, if you start a call from the mobile client, you can hand it off to the desk phone or softphone all day long...

The current 'fix' is to upgrade to 10.5 CallManager, which makes no TAC engineer currently is working with the BU developers, but hasn't gotten any good info as of yet.


Has anyone else come across this yet?  

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I am having the same problem.

I am having the same problem.  I am at SU1 and it does not work there and was told to go to SU2a.  But will not now.  The other issue I have had is that the Iphone client is unable to answer a call when using MRA and Expressway so it looks like my only option is to go to 10.5...




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That's interesting...just

That's interesting...just curious, what version of the iPhone client are you running now?  We're able to answer calls that come in on the device...

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cgoodale2 -- wanted to put an

cgoodale2 -- wanted to put an update in here for you and anyone else who stumbles across SE gave me the following response from the BU - 'This function is not supported in version 9.  He will need to upgrade to 10'.  So, you're pretty much spot-on with having to go to 10.5...which is beyond frustrating, since I've had folks (my SE being one of them...) who said that they had it working on 9.1, SU1...

Good luck to you!  I hope your upgrade goes smoothly...I always get nervous making a significant jump like that.

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