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JAWS Scripting for VMO Client

Hello -

Has anyone done any scripting for Freedom Scientific's JAWS screen reader software for the Unity VMO client to play voicemails in Outlook? An alternative question would be has anyone done JAWS scripting for playing voicemails with just the Windows Media Player? We are working with a blind customer who is adept at both JAWS and Outlook and wants to access voicemail from his Outlook as well. We recently visited the San Jose accessibility lab and they are also in the process of testing JAWS, but not done any scripting. In our own testing, we can set the VMO client to play the voicemail message automatically when opened, but you have no VCR control capabilities (like hotkeys). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: JAWS Scripting for VMO Client

I've pinged some folks that may be able to help here - however the media master control doesn't take key sequences to kick off actions (i.e. you can't map the start/stop playback options to function keys or the like) - it's designed for mouse clicks - that'll make scripts to control it externally difficult at best.

I'll follow up when I hear back from the script experts about what can be done here.

Re: JAWS Scripting for VMO Client

Hi Jeff -

Thank you so much for following up ... I was just studying the 'basics' of JAWS scripting with Outlook when your post alert came through. I'll be interested to hear what the script experts say. Also, we are purchasing a full copy of JAWS for testing and would entertain being a beta site for any effort with the ViewMail client as well as Unity Assistant.



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