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License CUE

Hi, I have a Cisco Unity express with 17 mailbox, and I would like to add 50 mailbox licences.That is possible ?

Best regards.

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Re: License CUE

Hi Jose,

A couple of things to note here

This Link describes the procedures to upgrade or downgrade to a different license size for Cisco Unity Express systems without changing the release version. The procedures in this chapter apply whether you are upgrading to a license with support for ***more mailboxes, downgrading to a license with support for fewer mailboxes, or changing your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) licenses.

**CUE only looks at the last License that was loaded, so these are not cumulative (You cannot add a 50 mailbox license to an existing 17 to acheive 67)

Co$t-wise this should be no different as you will receive the credit for the existing Mailbox License that you had already purchased and should only pay for the new VM Licenses!

After the software is downloaded, enter the software install clean command to install the new software:

Caution** This step cleans the disk. All configuration and voice messages are lost after this step. Verify that a backup was done. If it has not, abort at this step and do a backup first.

For Example;

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express








From this good doc;

Hope this helps! Cheers!


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Re: License CUE

Hi Rob, thanks for your help.

best regards.

License CUE

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License CUE

nkumarsr wrote:

Yes, You can add the licenses:

Ref link:

Just FYI. You are responding to a 3 years old thread. By now, the OP has moved on.

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